Definitions and Terms

Definitions & Terms


The following are definitions of words commonly used within this toolkit.

Local Government

  • A city, county, special district, or regional government.

Youth and/or Young People

Civic Engagement

  • Volunteering. Unpaid community service activities that engage young people in their community.
  • Voting. Learning about and participating in elections and other decision-making processes.
  • Leading. Youth spearheading civic and community affairs.

Marketing, Communications and Engagement

  • Marketing. Leveraging communication channels like media to share information with and connect to young people
  • Engagement. Robust strategies that enable a local agency to build a relationship and trust with young people.

Civic Life

  • Civic life includes participating in community events, public meetings, and decision-making.
  • Registering to vote or voting in elections
  • Leading community activities and fostering peer engagement

Workforce Development

  • Programs or initiatives that inform current or potential employees about various jobs through coaching, informational interviews, job shadowing, internships, apprenticeships, or transitional placement into positions.